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Becoming an Extraordinary Manager

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Vol. 25, Issue 9

Becoming an Extraordinary Manager

The Five Essentials for Success
By: Len Sandler
256 pp.
Review by: Kendra Bentle

Extraordinary managers are galvanizing forces. They make the whole of their organizations greater than the sum of its disparate parts. They motivate, praise, and exact extraordinary results from ordinary workers. But managers of this caliber are rare and usually made, not born.

In Becoming an Extraordinary Manager, Sandler identifies the major reasons organizations have historically created and sustained poor managers. He offers those already leading, and those rising through the ranks, a development plan based on five major pillars of great management: (1) motivating others, (2) attracting and retaining top talent, (3) planning and organizing group performance, (4) driving results throughout an organization, and (5) lifelong development.